Iter Business Pledge

  • We pledge to educate the youth about the history of women and how far women have come - because previous sacrifices make possible the honesties and freedoms our everyday life today.
  • We pledge to be aware and active in our political development; we are voters, we are candidates, we are campaigners and advocates, echoing the needs and interests of women – because the outlook of women is essential for growth and prosperity.
  • We pledge to expand the quantity of women in leadership positions and to accomplish pay equity in our lifetime – because we are the same.
  • We pledge to raise our children to be recognized for their character and influences.
  • We pledge to expand the education of women and girls - because a good education is the key to economic security, sustainability and freedom.
  • We pledge to honor women of all diversities; respecting each other’s faith choices, ethnicities, customs, beliefs, characteristics, and qualities - because our bond is stronger than the things that make us different.
  • We pledge to recognize that the responsibility of a Mother is difficult with varying demands, while being a joy and honor - because the children we develop today will lead our world in the future.
  • We pledge to understand and care about women’s health - because the social, physical and emotional well being of women is fundamental.
  • We pledge to guide youth with preparation for the world through internships, job opportunities, and/or scholarships - because our youth is our future.
  • We pledge to improve the presence of research on gender work - because lives rely on it.
  • We pledge to endorse women’s community leadership as board members, volunteers, fundraisers and donors - because the work we do as humanitarians makes for a better life in our communities.

We pledge to and for ourselves.
We pledge together.
We pledge for women.

We are on the Iter Journey!