Our Journey - A Message From Tam

Iter is a Latin word which means 'the journey' or 'the way.' We chose Iter as the name of our company because we believe in each and every journey out there including our own.

Iter was created for all of us, especially women, universally, to be a powerful social enterprise providing resources, support, opportunities and community for women at every stage of their journey. Iter is paradigm shifting and it is what will drive change for women in our lifetime.

I created Iter to share the painful setbacks, as well as the successes, that I have experienced on my own journey. The time came for me to adjust my compass, I had to break down barriers to follow the road I had not taken but always wanted to. When I found my path, I built a system to support myself and others. I built a sustainable business model that would allow me to engage the world in a positive and powerful way while effecting change for people everywhere.

I have always been able to see other people's potential. I am also compassionate and have a deep sense of doing the right thing, at all times no matter what. Those traits made me a successful, world-class Risk Manager & Insurance Broker but there has always been something missing that has prevented me from feeling truly gratified in my work and life. I have always wanted to do more, give more, learn more and BE more. I think many women feel this way and they want to break the ties that bind.

I have dreamt of working with people all over the world to help solve problems and shine a spotlight on the issues that face us globally. I wanted to get to work on solutions. I knew it was a stretch but I was compelled to make a difference and help women succeed in business by connecting them locally and globally. I knew I must do something profound to honor who I am and what I will contribute.

I will write the next chapter of my life without a doubt of what this brand can achieve. I have the power to co-create a better life and a better world with my fellow journeyers so that we all have richer and more meaningful experience along the way. Iter is more than a marketplace. It's a movement. A solution. A stop on each and every journey along the way.

I'll meet you there.