1What is Iter?

Iter is an online marketplace for consumers (buyers) to connect with businesses (sellers) that are women owned, managed, and represented.

2How much do I have to pay to be a buyer on Iter?

There is absolutely no subscription costs to become a buyer. Just sign up and start shopping!

3How much does it cost for an Iter seller?

An Iter subscription ranges from $11- $359 per month depending on the size of your business.

4Who is behind Iter?

The team behind Iter is passionate about creating and sustaining equal opportunities for women in today's society. Find out more by visiting the "Meet the Iter Team" page.

5How do I become an Iter Ambassador, what are my duties?

Becoming an Iter Ambassador is easy, just apply on our website! An Iter ambassador spreads the passion and mission behind the Iter network. Ambassadors are very knowledgeable about Iter and can answer questions for those who are joining the network. Ambassadors also invite businesses (sellers) and consumers (buyers) to register on the network and they earn income (commissions) for doing so.

6How can I shop for specific products and services? (I.e. makeup, an automobile)

To shop for specific products and services, simply type a 'key word' into the search bar which will take you to women businesses that offer the product or services you may be looking for.

7How can I tell all my friends about this network?

Iter has a 'refer a friend' program that lets you enter their email which in turn sends them an email with an invite to join the Iter network. Ambassadors also invite members by providing them a 'key' to the site or an email link to the site.

8Can men be a part of the Iter network?

Absolutely, men can buy from women owned businesses in the marketplace and men can be Ambassadors. Women who work for male owned, privately held companies can enter the marketplace to buy and sell products and services.

9What is an Iter Certified Business?

An Iter Certified Business is a company that has committed to support women in the workplace. These companies have pledged to uphold the highest Standards that Iter has put forth in order to achieve excellence and fairness in work environments for all women from all cultures, religious beliefs and political systems.

10I am already a member of WBENC or a Minority Owned Business, can I still be a part of the Iter network?

Yes, absolutely, Iter enhances your buying and selling power worldwide. We welcome you to join us as well.